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Facial Cooling Globes

Facial Cooling Globes

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1. Start afresh – you’ll want to start with clean, fresh and cleansed skin for using these.
2. Before you start – pop your Cooling Globes into the fridge for 10 minutes to get them cool. In the meantime; make sure to get relaxed and in a comfy mood for a nice and cooling pamper session.
3. Once you´re ready – start by adding the chilled Cooling Globes to your face and gently massage them over the contours of your face, on your eyelids and neck for 5-15 minutes for the ultimate cooling experience. This helps to reduce puffiness and promote circulation for an energized and refreshed skin.
4. Prep for next time – after use, wipe your Cooling Globes down with a damp cloth or gently wash them off in some clean water and leave them to dry. Now you’re ready for your next Cooling moment.
5. Consistency is key – to get the very most out of your Cooling Globes, aim to use them once or twice daily as the first step in your skincare routine, in the AM to wake up sleepy skin, and in the PM for cooling down stressed out and puffy skin.
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